The Story

Hailyon the Label believes when you're comfortable, you're the most confident. Founded on the coast of Western Australia, in the most isolated city in the World. We are a Perth-based independently owned and run ethical label. Designing the garments in Australia they are ethically made in Indonesia. We really hope you enjoy these garments, as much as we did creating them for you.



About the Designer 

My name is Teleah, friends' call me Teals. Small yet humble beginnings, I came up with the idea of Hailyon the Label in 2015. I was a 19 year old obsessed with clothes. I found there was something missing.. I would always picture some type of garment in my mind - however I could never physically find it. Who would've thought one rainy day stuck inside listening to Mac De Marco that this particular moment would lead me here. For the next year and a half, I would spend my time pondering on how to make my dream ‘Hailyon’ become a reality. Near the end of 2017, I decided to act on my dream and spent the next year working hard to create my first collection. Might I add working a full-time job to fund this dream of mine, with little experience on what I was actually doing (plus loads of trial and error). I managed to release my first collection Feb 2019. A dream that been on my mind for well over 3 years, Hailyon is finally here.

If there is anything I can leave you it is when you constantly think of a dream, you're already close to it being a reality. So don't loose hope.